Our customers are our greatest passion and customer satisfaction is the yardstick against our companys performance. All spheres will be measured to exceed our customer (client) expectations and will be a commitment shared by every person in the company.

Air Cargo Services
Cargo/Freight Transportation

We provide transportation of heavy cargo such as vehicles(humvees, tanks), construction material, heavy equipment replacement parts. Our C-130 planes have plenty of room to hold bulky cargo that would take a long time to transport to places like Gulu and Southern Sudan.

Passenger Transportation

After several years in cargo transportation, Uganda Air Cargo Corporation is set to widen its horizons. We recently acquired two Y-12 aircraft from China, and we plan to use them on passenger flights.

Humanitarian Relief Support

Uganda Air Cargo Corporation has played a major part in the transportation of humanitarian relief supply to southern Sudan and has been active in the resupply effort to help the displace people of Northern Uganda. Work together with the United Nations, we continue to do our best to make a difference in the fight to bring peace to Uganda.