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Uganda Air Cargo to Launch Passenger Charter Services

By Emojong Osere | 7 October 2009 | The domestic aviation industry has received yet another boost. Uganda Air Cargo Corporation (UACC), which is 100 per cent government owned and has been operating a C130 cargo carrier, is unveiling its first passenger charter plane on October 15, a development projected to increase competitiveness in the local charter plane sub-industry. An October 1, UACC statement said the 17 and 19 seater Y-12 China-made charter planes will fly the domestic as well as regional air routes and they now join other domestic charter planes and internationally recognised airlines in pursuit for the region's air travellers. Read more...
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Uganda Air Cargo Corporation | History

Uganda Air Cargo Corporation (UACC) was created by the UACC Act (Cap 322) in 1994 with the mandate to establish and operate air transport services within and outside Uganda. UACC is expected to operate commercially and be sustainable. Read more...
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